Connecting with the consumer’s heart

Stimulating consumers’ emotive quotient and engaging their sensitivities to increase brand loyalty is how emotional branding works in today’s ruthless retail scenario. However, this also indicates that leveraging the power of emotions can entail a powerful and long-standing relationship with one’s audience.

Emotional branding strategies are a balanced and integrated approach to creating niche brand experiences for the consumers and keeping them connected to one’s brand in a positive way. The key is to create design elements that provoke an emotional response and get the consumer attached to one’s offering. An ageold formula that branding gurus across the globe would vouch for. And believe it or not, this one never seems to go wrong!!

An integral part of this emotional branding is storytelling. We all love stories, and stories that connect with our emotions are always close to our hearts. Thus, humanising products or services can bring about a strong relationship and create a deeper association with consumers, building loyalty.

Moreover, four thumb rules are indispensable for a strong brand presence, in the form of a logo, visual identity, language, or story, to strengthen a brand’s emotional image (especially in the case of cocooning brands). Firstly, never adopt a one-sizefits- all attitude – customisation and personalisation are the keys to survival. Secondly, treat your customers like humans and not money vending machines. Cater to their demands with emotions, and they will pay from their hearts, not wallets.

Thirdly, understand that quality is the most important aspect of success. No story or emotional connection can sustain a product or service that falls apart. And finally, recognising the power of social media as the easiest and most effective way to reach out and connect with one’s audience. One must understand that powerful content and meaningful strategy are the tools that can get one recognised in the global arena.

Beyondesign, led by the founder Bhavika, embarked on a project to revamp and relaunch of The Seven Kitchens restaurant at St Regis, Mumbai, which epitomises the concept of emotional branding. The presentation of seven chefs’ expertise in seven global cuisines created an exclusive experience.

The idea was successful in establishing the emotional quotient the restaurant was aiming to achieve with its audiences. Invoking the feeling of returning to a restaurant to enjoy delicacies after the pandemic crisis proved out to be a memorable experience for the guests. With more than 15 years of experience in the branding world, my advice to every brand owner and entrepreneur is – always aim to leave a mark in your consumer’ s heart – it’s the perfect place for your brand to be in.